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Generated $1 million in qualified pipeline using social selling

Daily Account Based Sales Development Routine

Learn how Sales for Life's solutions can help you transform your organization to serve today’s buyer with digital and social selling.
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Generated  $1

million in a qualified pipeline


Engagement percentages

have increased by 5X


Phone engagement

increased from 3.5% to 18%

Derek Laliberte
"Sales for Life’s tactics and techniques centered around socially surrounding an account and understanding the “triggers” has been a key component to our overall success."
Sales for Life was engaged to provide a formalized approach to social selling learning development and training for 26 sales professionals at Aptera

Program success was evaluated through Sales for Life’s measurement framework, grounded on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, as the industry best-practice.

While much of social selling enablement is focused strictly on training, Sales for Life’s model is built around knowledge transfer and application. This is ultimately tied to sales results and ROI. It was through this approach that Aptera was able to correlate actual sales results through application of learning.

Aptera Software is an established software development, web design, and inbound marketing firm headquartered in downtown Fort Wayne, IN with additional offices in Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN. At the heart of Aptera is a team of spectacular IT professionals who work to create custom-tailored solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Enhancing Aptera’s services and offerings is an award-winning graphic design team that delivers intuitive user interfaces, stunning client websites and brilliant marketing material. With IT, design, and marketing capabilities company-wide, Aptera's software and web solutions are second-to-none featuring prime functionality and visual appeal.
Transform your organization to serve today's buyer with digital and social selling

Create buy-in, measure success and scale digital and social selling across your organization with Sales for Life three levels of implementation:

1) Create organizational awareness. Teach people about the changes happening in B2B sales and marketing with insightful keynotes, and actionable digital and social selling workshops.

2) Build a business case. Understand the state of your organization through tailored assessments and audits. Kickstart digital and social selling, get results and build your case for scale with our robust education and enablement platform.

3) Scale your success. Drive accountability, measurement and scale digital and social selling success with an integrated strategy.

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