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New Horizons Computer Learning Centers: Within 6 months, $1 million in revenue with just 10% of their sales force.

New Horizons, the world's largest independent IT training company realized the changing market and the necessity for Social Selling. As a client for 18 months, they completed a a phased roll-out plan. This plan started with a leading franchise in North-Eastern USA which generated $1,000,000 in revenue in a matter of 6 months. The ROI of Social Selling training was proven so they initiated a program throughout all franchises with over 1,000 sales professionals worldwide.
Talk to an expert
What challenges did your organizaion encouter?
"The market has changed, we all recognize that regardless of industry. New Horizons, a leader in IT training, made a decision a long time ago that we wanted to be not only the best in IT training but have the best salespeople that speak to the market and Social Selling is a natural add-on to our existing sales processes."
Shelley Morris
Shelley Morris, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer
Creating an online presence
"The first most amazing part was when I noticed that our headline was all wrong and most people's headlines are wrong. It was probably one of the big things that opened my eyes to seeing that we aren't doing Social Selling right and not using LinkedIn accordingly. "

Building net new pipeline

"The second thing was when we did our very first search for leads and found that all the people that LinkedIn brought back that were in our database and many that we didn't have in our database so a new lead list was utilized."
Strategy Officer
Shelley Morris, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer
What were your results after completing the program?

"As an organization, it has raised every level of salesperson up a notch. It has helped them focus and bring structure to their discussions with customers, to their due dilligence before a sales call and to the entire sales process. We look at pipeline and there are a lot of new opportunities for longer and better conversations that nurture sales within pipeline."

With 150 sales professionals, they
generated $1,000,000 in revenue.
Increasing employee productivity and effectiveness
"My team is very effective over phone, over email, they're very effecitve with on-site meetings but I wanted them to be aware that LinkedIn and Twitter and other social tools were available to help with their sales efforts. Now only did the Social Selling program and Sales for Life make them more aware of those social tools but it also got them excited about those tools."
"The proof that they were excited can be easily seen with the amount of contacts that were added and with the amount of leads that we generated for ourselves."
Joe Mignano
Joe Mignano,
VP and General Manager,
New Horizons at Logical Operations
Joy Morgan
Manager of New Horizons University
"You always got to to be connecting, you always got to be networking and that is the future. We're never going to go backwards, we definitely are in a social age that the generations coming up are going to be so involved in this. In two years, this will just be so automatic and in nine months I've seen just how far this has come."
The importance of leadership involvement
"Management and consistency, managers have a lot, they have to manage up and manage down. You have to make sure that you have people like Joy, people who have the main function that are dedicated to rolling this out, rolling out the tools and rolling out content consistently."
Driving conversations and forging new opportunities

Sharing relevant content

From the New Horizon's team in the UK, Jordan's Social Selling story started when he posted a piece of content on LinkedIn about New Horizons. One of his connections liked the post so he followed up through LinkedIn and asked the prospect if he'd like further information. The prospect responded with interest in their New Horizon's services and they started talking over email with more details. That conversation created a new customer as now he has been through the course and is looking to take more future courses.

Engage with prospects online

Dan is also on the UK team, he has had great success with creating content. His story is based off of LinkedIn Publisher where he regularly writes posts about sales and IT training. He noticed one of his connections engaged with his post so he took the opportunity to reach out to thank him and introduce him to New Horizons' solutions.

What is the future of Social Selling?

"Long-term it's going to be in the fabric of the business, regardless of what you're industry in, Social Selling is a component of selling. So the new definition of selling would include traditional means that many of us have learned over the years but Social Selling will be the leading indicator of if you hire or not. Does the person have background in some type of social asset, Social Selling and Social Selling success? And from there, what other training do they have?"

Transform your organization to serve today's buyer with digital and social selling

Create buy-in, measure success and scale digital and social selling across your organization with Sales for Life three levels of implementation:

1) Create organizational awareness. Teach people about the changes happening in B2B sales and marketing with insightful keynotes, and actionable digital and social selling workshops.

2) Build a business case. Understand the state of your organization through tailored assessments and audits. Kickstart digital and social selling, get results and build your case for scale with our robust education and enablement platform.

3) Scale your success. Drive accountability, measurement and scale digital and social selling success with an integrated strategy.

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