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Spear Selling

The ultimate Account-Based Sales guide for the modern, digital seller

How will you evolve to become best-in-class, and lead as the “CEO of your territory”?

Learn how to win key accounts faster than your competition?

  • Jamie sheds light on a radically simple, yet powerful, SPEAR framework that could make companies grow 10x. Read with an open mind. It going to challenge your very assumptions on how to sell and how your customers buy.

    Sangram Vajre

  • Jamie Shanks shares with you his story, his experience making this a sales book that speaks the truth. You need to make this book the first book you read if you’re serious about improving your sales process. - Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter” author of High-Profit Prospecting

    Mark Hunter

  • Spear Selling offers a structured approach that teaches salespeople how to leverage the adjacencies of their existing customers and/or personal relationships in order to increase their sales velocity. I would highly recommend this for a sales leader!

    Victor Antonio

  • Jamie and the Sales for Life team are truly modernizing the sales function. Best-in-class team's have to make digital sales critical to their account-based motion.

    Mark Roberge

  • Having led sales teams of more than one hundred sales professionals, getting account based selling right is critical. In SPEAR Selling, Jamie nails it when he says that account selection is the single most crucial element of any account-based selling program. If you haven’t been successful implementing account based selling, this book is built on the realities of today – that social proximity is more important than geographical proximity!”

    Chad Burmeister

  • In prehistoric times a spear was a cutting edge tool that could feed a tribe. What is old is new again and today, in modern selling, using a spear mentality will feed your forecast in a way no other tool can. Great read!

    Trish Bertuzzi

  • Jamie and the team at Sales for Life have done an excellent job at building a prescriptive process for modern sellers. Sandler trains 31,000 professionals each year on a predictable process and we are big fans of Sales for Life.

    Dave Mattson

  • There are few people who are capable of developing an elegant framework that are as practical and tactical as Jamie Shanks. If you only took action on Selecting and Planning, you would double your results. By Engaging, Activating, and Running your pursuit plan, you will put up your best numbers.

    Anthony Iannarino

  • “To me, a business book is only as valuable as it is actionable. SPEAR Selling proves its value again and again, as it lays out a simple but elegant process to win new customers. If you’re struggling to operationalize an account-based sales strategy, this book will take you far down the path to success.”

    Jason Jordan

  • This book should be called The Definitive Modern Sales Playbook because Jamie holds nothing back. If you want to learn what’s working for today’s buyer, this is your book.

    Steve Richard

  • In prehistoric times a spear was a cutting-edge tool that could feed a tribe. What is old is new again and today, in modern selling, using a spear mentality will feed your forecast in a way no other tool can. Great read!

    Trish Bertuzzi

  • Jamie does it again! SPEAR Selling provides clear ideas and real ways to implement something new for yourself and your organization. I can clearly “hear” Jamie in the writing and it’s fun, down to earth, doable, and calls out PEOPLE! At the end of the day, buying and selling happen between two people that mutually agree on a course of action. There are some great pearls of wisdom to be found here that, if implemented, can bring new life to your team and revenue to your company. Thanks, Jamie, for putting this book and ideas out there for all of us.

    Dionne Mischler

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Why Read This Book?

According to CSO Insights - the average sales team had only 50% of their sales professionals achieve sales quota.  How are you going to think bold and different in 2019?  Do you really understand the opportunity cost that your account selection process has on your ability to achieve sales quota attainment?  This book is your competitive advantage for modern, digital sales professionals.

Account-Based Selling!

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The ultimate Account-based Sales guide for the modern, digital seller.

SPEAR Selling is the battle-tested process for both sales leaders and sales professionals to leverage in their pursuit for greater account-based sales results. Author Jamie Shanks has trained and advised 100’s of companies on SPEAR Selling to increase sales pipeline in all types of sales functions (inside sales, field sales, customer success, channel sales). The key to account-based sales results is the focus on upfront planning that leverage key competitive differentiators, used to significantly improve account activation and opportunity creation. Combine this focus on account planning, with a relentless accountability to structured sales activity, and this account-based motion will:

  • Increase the volume of opportunities in a territory
  • Shorten the timeline to opportunity creation in key accounts
  • Increase the conversion of prospective accounts into customers

S = Select (the right accounts)

P = Plan & Storyboard (the engagement strategy)

E = Engage (with a structured process)

A = Activate (educate with a Bold & Different strategy than the competition)

R = Run or Replace (build sales pipeline with an objective framework)

If you or your sales organization is running an account-centric sales motion, and you’re not leveraging social proximity as a key competitive differentiator in your account selection process – you’ve already lost your competitive advantage. Let this book be your guide to being first, bold and different in your service of the modern, digital buyer.

What's Inside The Book
Select your accounts with a social proximity mindset
  • Chapter 1: Defining – motions, learning paths, sales plays, and cadences/sequences
  • Chapter 2: How account selection radically alters your business outcomes
  • Chapter 3: The Sphere of Influence account selection process
  • Chapter 4: The Activation List operating framework
  • Chapter 5: Sphere of Influence complementing existing territory plans
Plan your sales plays with storyboards
  • Chapter 6: Storyboarding: the power of visualizing your buyer’s journey
  • Chapter 7: War Room: Design prescriptive sales plays within an engagement framework
  • Chapter 8: Sales play #1 – The Sphere of Influence connection
  • Chapter 9: Sales play #2 – Stack-ranking the account vs. competition vs. best-in-class
  • Chapter 10: Sales play #3 – Market intelligence and trends
  • Chapter 11: Sales play #4 – What does the Emerald City look like?
  • Chapter 12: Sales play #5 – Role/function career guidance
Engage your accounts with your prescriptive sales plays
  • Chapter 13: Time management – your account segmentation mindset
  • Chapter 14: Digital selling embedded into your sales plays
  • Chapter 15: Best-in-class sales plays in action
Activate your engaged accounts with tailored learning paths
  • Chapter 16: Account segmentation – develop learning paths by buying intent
  • Chapter 17: Learning path #1 – the dead zone
  • Chapter 18: Learning path #2 – the Yellow Brick Road
  • Chapter 19: Learning path #3 – the mental pretzel
  • Chapter 20: Best-in-class learning paths in action
Run or Replace your accounts
  • Chapter 21: Account objectivity over emotion
  • Chapter 22: Run – digitally surround your strengthened buying committee map
  • Chapter 23: Replace accounts with objectivity inside your account operating framework
About The Author, Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is one of the world’s leading Social Selling experts. He has personally built Social Selling solutions in nearly every industry, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, such as Xerox, Sprint, Thomson Reuters, ServiceNow, Oracle, and SAS. Before starting his first sales agency, Jamie was the Director of Sales at two SaaS software companies – Captive Channel Corp. and Firmex Inc., building their businesses from infancy to profitability. Sales for Life is now the world’s definitive Social Selling training and coaching company.

Jamie has launched Social Selling for companies such as:

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